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InterviewFreja Settergren

Freja Settergren
Rebel of the month.

Rebel of the month.

Story by

Freja Settergren

PostedMay 18, 2021

At Yaytrade, we love to celebrate changemakers. The Sustainable Rebel Award is how we recognize those who challenge the fashion industry, stand up for climate change and social justice, and – most importantly – inspire others to do the same. This month, the award goes to Freja Settergren.

Name: Freja Settergren
Age: 22
About: Swedish influencer, living in Paris, founder of online fashion magazine Garçon Paper,  digital design student.

We are happy to congratulate Freja Settergren for being Yaytrade’s Sustainable Rebel of the Month and thank her for being a real changemaker, for raising awareness, and for making better choices for the environment. We had a little chat with our winner to discuss her love for second-hand and fashion in general. Read more.

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Hi Freja, please introduce yourself…
Hi everyone! I’m a 22-year-old girl who was born and raised in Södermalm, Stockholm and have been living in Paris for the last four years. I’ve worked in cafés and interned with several fashion companies. Recently I’ve also launched my very own online magazine called Garçon Paper. Besides work, I’m currently also working on a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Design. 

How and when did you develop an interest in second hand fashion? 
I guess it was during my second year of high school. I was living in Paris where my friends and I made second hand shopping a weekly activity. Besides that, I’ve always loved to look inside my grandmother’s closet while letting her tell the story behind every garment. I think that was something that contributed to my love for fashion and second-hand as well. 

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What are your best tips when shopping second hand? 
I usually find my best second hand items whenever I am not out with the intention of finding something special. I prefer to keep my eyes open when walking past different second hand/vintage stores, hoping to spot something that I like. Then you will become pleasantly surprised – rather than disappointed – when you find what you didn’t know you were looking for.

Another tip is, of course, to search online! It takes a little less energy and you can search for very specific stuff using specific keywords.

Tell us about your best second hand finds so far? 
Oh... I have many! But it would have to be my French army trench coat, my Jacquemus dress, my white jacket that cost me only €3, and of course my sunnies from Chanel and Dior.

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Finally, how can we inspire each other to consume more sustainably? 
Follow companies like Yaytrade and other circular brands, as well as people on Instagram who inspire via wearing vintage / second hand rather than fast fashion clothes. I’ve unfollowed everyone who encourages others to shop at Zara, NA-KD, etc. for a long time and therefore I am never tempted to buy such things. Another method is to rent and borrow clothes, where Gemme Collective is a great example! 

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Photo: Freja Settergren

Be inspired and continue following Freja’s journey at @frejasettergren

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